About Us

Customer Trust Score (CTS) was created as a free service by Trust Brands­™, in an effort to help business owners to quickly and easily measure the effective level of customer trust in their brand, on a scale from 0-100.

Customer Trust Score was developed by the same award-winning team that brought you Shopper Approved®, Trust Guard®, Local Reviews™, and Cart Rocket™.

Our rich heritage of software innovation and development since 2006 has allowed us to earn prestigious recognition as a 2x Inc. 500 fastest growing company, a Utah Fast 50 and Utah 100 company multiple times.

We are a privately held US-owned and operated company, headquartered in Ogden Utah, with a passion for software development and helping our clients grow their businesses.

The 5 Areas of Trust:

The Customer Trust Score (CTS) is based on 5 Key Areas of Trust. Each area of trust represents part of the sales cycle, and is weighted based on it’s importance and what type of business you run (IE. local brick and mortar business, online business, or both).

Customer Trust Score - Visibility
How visible is your brand online and how easily can people find you? Are you found in the right places within the conversion funnel? How trustworthy do your brand impressions appear?

Customer Trust Score - Reputation
What type of reputation do you have online, where are your reviews showing up, and how are you engaging with your reviewers?

Customer Trust Score - Experience
What type of experience do customers have with your company once they engage?

Customer Trust Score - Security
What security measures do you take to protect your customer’s information?

Customer Trust Score - Re-engagement
What are you doing to maintain a relationship of trust beyond the initial sale or engagement to continue building value and awareness?

These 5 areas of trust are vital to every company’s overall success and are often the difference between running a good company or building a great one.

Once you’ve completed a CTS Survey, your Customer Trust Score is generated, along with a customized report, and a checklist of things you can do to improve your overall score.

Cts - Trust Brands Full
Cts - Trust Brands Mobile

Trust Brands is the parent company to several highly-trusted, established brands – all focused on helping businesses to improve their online visibility, reputation, social proof, and overall trust.

Cts - Local Reviews

A simple customer review solution made specifically for local businesses who are trying to establish themselves as the predominant local brand in their geographical area.  Local Reviews helps you to effectively collect, manage, and display customer reviews across multiple review platforms, including Google and Facebook.

Cts - Shopper Approved

One of the largest customer rating and review platforms online. Shopper Approved has collected over 55 million reviews for over 23,0000 companies and has become an Inc Magazine fastest-growing company in America by helping its clients collect, manage and promote up to 40x more quality, verified customer reviews and review videos than any other review platform.  

Cts - Trust Guard

A pioneer in Cyber Security, and the first company to offer a Comprehensive Security Suite for small to medium-size businesses that includes $100,000 of Cyber Insurance to help offset any costs, damages, or fines, plus $100,000 of Breach Response Insurance to provide you with top legal, PR and Cybersecurity forensics experts should you ever experience a breach.  

Cts - Cart Rocket

One of the most customizable shopping cart abandonment solutions available, that was specifically designed to stop people from abandoning their shopping carts and complete their purchases; even after they’ve left your website.

For more information, please visit any of the websites above, or go to www.trustbrands.com.